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Adarsh K. Hoizal

About Me

I am Adarsh Hoizal,
a 23 year old engineer,
a proud Mumbaikar and working as a software programmer. >>More 

My Family

I am one of the very 
few fortunate people on
earth who are blessed 
with a wonderful family.
There are in all 15 
members in our family. >>More

My Friends 

I make friendship only 
with extra-ordinary 
people. Needless to say that all my friends are outstanding in whatever fields they are working in.


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You might observe that Graphics/Animations on my web pages are not mind-blowing. That's because, I don't have the bad habit of copying stuff from the net and displaying them on my web pages. Credits (if any) for designing my entire homepage goes to me. I haven't even copied, a single image from anywhere. All work done are authentic and done by me only.
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Breaking News

There is a great news for web page designers. Forget the past, when we had to struggle hard to check whether each and every web page looked identical on all popular browsers. Gone are the days when we had to compromise on ideas just because some obsolete browser might not support the functionality. A revolutionary concept is on its way and soon would be accepted as the industry standard. The concept is simple. Make your own browser. Just have a separate browser for each website and let all your web pages be displayed in it, the way you want. I am not talking about WebExe or some similar software. Once you access the entry page of a website through the client browser like IE or Netscape, you no longer need it. A separate customized browser on the server would take charge and the remaining pages would be viewed in it. A sample of this could be seen on the website of architects Subhash Vijay Associates at www.subvijay.com/new
Though the website is still under construction and it will take some time to complete, still the concept could be well understood. Of course writing a custom browser, is a tedious job, but the point is that we need not provide all functionality of a browser. Provide only what is absolutely essential. Also, this method is more secure. Except for the entry page, the user cannot view the source file unless we desire.

What's New !!!

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1. Rahul
2. Ek Rishta
3. Jodi No 1
4. Pyar Tune Kya
5. Chori Chori
    Chupke Chupke

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There is a disadvantage though. The custom browser takes some time to load. We, as usual suffer from Bandwidth deficiency and most people accessing such a website from a cybercaf with a dial up connection would find it extremely slow and frustrating. I hope that internet connections offer faster access in future. In such a case we could reliably depend on this new technique. 

Heart Breaking News

For programmers, things are worse than usual. There are some shocking news which were obtained from reliable sources. Itfinity, a Mumbai based software development firm which got a Nokia award in 1999 for the best research work in WAP, has laid off programmers and those unwilling to leave are working with salary cuts. The same is the fate of Software Elements, another Mumbai based software firm which was once a part of Genesis. The most terrible news is that of Silverline. There are strong rumors that more than 250 programmers would be laid off within the next three months. Vijay Mukhi keeps on telling us week after week in Times of India, that IT recession is temporary and good programmers would always have opportunities. Many of my friends were brilliant programmers, yet they were laid off. This shows that the situation is really bad.  Anyway, programming is not just a profession, its a passion and an attitude. The best part is that that recession has not shaken programmers at all. Students are not refraining from learning programming and programmers are not changing careers. Boom or recession, "Hame Koi Farak Nahi Padta Hain"


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The best thing that a programmer could do is write programs. I have included some programming code in C, C++, Java, ASP, VB and Lotus Notes. I have a unique way of writing code. 
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I have included some projects in C, C++ , VB & Java. Those interested could try them out.
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Looking for some humor, then check this out. For years, I have spread jokes on the Internet via e-mail. Unfortunately, I do not have a softcopy of all of them. Still check out my collection.
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I love watching hindi films. Infact, right from childhood, I always wanted to become a filmstar. I have still not lost hopes. I have got the talent and the looks, but the only problem is that, I am not a star son and so producers won't invest on me. Also my dad is not kind enough to finance a producer for producing a movie with me as the hero. Also check out the latest happenings Bollywood. >>Click here

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