My Family

I have got a great family. Simply the greatest in the world !!! I am proud of my family. I am very fortunate to be born in such a wonderful family. My family is very big with 15 members in it as follows.
My mom Mrs. Sharada Keshavamurthy (Chickmagu)
My dad Mr. H.V. Keshavamurthy
My grandfather H. Venkata Krishnappa
My dodappa  Mr. H.S Subbarao
My dodamma Mrs. Padma Rao
My brother Mr. Shrikant Rao
My brother Mr. Shashi Rao
My brother Mr. Kishore Rao
My bhabhi Mrs. Purnima Shrikant Rao
My bhabhi Mrs. Padma Shashi Rao
My bhabhi Mrs. Kishore  Rao
My nephew Shrivatsa Shashi Rao
My nephew Shriharsha Shrikant Rao
My niece Vishaka Shashi Rao

Our family has a royal background. We are from the Hoysala dynasty of Mysore. King Hoysala was the ruler of Mysore in the 16th century. We are SMARTHA Brahmins by caste, i.e the topmost uppercast orthodox Brahmins in the world. Though we don't rule our kingdom anymore and we don't get Privilege purse from the Govt. of India, still the royalness remains in the blood. 

Our family history is as follows. Long ago in the 16th century there was a Brahmin boy called Sal. In those days schools were situated in the forest and there was a single teacher called GURU. The GURU is to teach the students under a tree in the natural surroundings of the forest. It was much like Shanti-Niketan but was not as safe as it. There were wild animals in the forest and there was always fear of attack. One day, when the teacher was teaching the students, a tiger suddenly attacked the teacher. All the students ran away fearing death. In those days, it was believed that a teacher was equivalent to God. Yet all the students were cowards, worried about their own life and least bothered about the teacher's life. The only brave boy in the class was Sal. He did not run away like all other students. He was the only person who came to the rescue of the teacher. He fearlessly attacked the tiger and diverted its attention from the teacher. There were no weapons with him and he was only 12 years old. He fought the tiger with bare hands, least bothered about his life. In the meantime the teacher found a piece of charcoal stick kept near the fireplace called  HAVANA. He passed the charcoal stick to Sal and started shouting " HOY SAL  .....  HOY SAL  .... HOY  SAL  "  which means BEAT IT SAL,  JUST BEAT  IT.   With the charcoal stick in his hand and the teachers encouragement, Sal managed to killed the tiger.  Sal was honored by the teacher for saving his life. As this incident spread in the nearby villages and schools, Sal got an overnight celebrity status and HOY SAL became the buzzword of the era. Everybody started addressing Sal as HOY SAL. After many years Sal became the King of Mysore and though a high class Brahmin by birth he became a Kshtriya by profession. King Hoysala was very generous and during his regime, he donated some land to poor Brahmins of the same caste. These Brahmins started to known as HOYSALA KARNATAKRU. Even today, they called by the same name. Almost half of Karnataka state is filled with HOYSALA KARNATAKARU. Many of them have even kept their surnames as HOYSAL. These people are misinformed that they are also descendents of King Hoysala. But they aren't. They are infact the descendants of the poor Brahmins who were donated the land by King Hoysala. Our family is the only genuine royal family and the surname in due course of time has changed to HOIZAL. I have complete evidence to prove my claim and I can testify them in court.
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