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amitabh.jpg (61714 bytes)
Me with Amitabh Bachchan

birthday.jpg (27247 bytes)
My First Birthday Pic
dad01.jpg (49123 bytes)
My Dad pic.1
dad02.jpg (29761 bytes)
My Dad pic.2
dad04.jpg (27837 bytes)
My Dad pic.3
dad05.jpg (10728 bytes)
My dad at 25
dad06.jpg (26352 bytes)
My Dad pic.4
dad07.jpg (55157 bytes)
My Dad pic.5
dad08.jpg (22212 bytes)
My Daddy during his college days.

dad09.jpg (8442 bytes)
My Dad pic.6

dadandgrandfather.jpg (52145 bytes)
My Dad with his Dad & his Uncle
familypic01.jpg (58969 bytes)
My Thread Ceremony Group Photo
familypic02.jpg (15205 bytes)
Dad & Mom with Dads Sisters & Brothers-in-laws

dad03.jpg (14591 bytes)
My Dad in a Park

exwife.jpg (22387 bytes)
My Dad flirting with his Girlfriend

grandfather.jpg (35134 bytes)
My Grandfather

grandfatherandgrandmom.jpg (31062 bytes)
My Grandfather & Granny

grandfathers.jpg (15616 bytes)
My Grandfather with his beloved Brothers

grandmom.jpg (14125 bytes)
My Granny

grandmomandprasad.jpg (11516 bytes)
Granny with Prasad

grandparents.jpg (6014 bytes)
My mom's parents

marriagepic01.jpg (72891 bytes)
Dads marriage group photo

marriagepic02.jpg (32102 bytes)
My dad's marriage pic
marriagepic03.jpg (40938 bytes)
My dad's marriage pic2

Myself as a kid 1

me03b.jpg (6081 bytes)
Myself as a kid 2

me04.jpg (15053 bytes)
Myself as a kid 3

me05.jpg (44562 bytes)
Myself as a kid 4

me06.jpg (13452 bytes)
Myself as a kid 5

me07.jpg (37666 bytes)
Myself as a kid 6

me08.jpg (35684 bytes)
Myself as a kid 7

me14.jpg (38468 bytes)
Myself as a kid 8

me15.jpg (13364 bytes)
Myself as a kid 9
me16.jpg (9080 bytes)
Myself as a kid 10
me17.jpg (13546 bytes)
Myself as a kid 11
me18.jpg (13704 bytes)
Myself as a kid 12
me19.jpg (31387 bytes)
Myself as a kid 13
meandcycle.jpg (29252 bytes)
Me on cycle
meanddad.jpg (50894 bytes)
Me with Dad
meandhorse.jpg (31146 bytes)
Myself on a horse
meandmom01.jpg (48234 bytes)
Me with Mom 1
meandmom02.jpg (43482 bytes)
Me with Mom 2
meandmom03.jpg (37811 bytes)
Me with Mom 3
meandmom04.jpg (61214 bytes)
Me with Mom 4
meandshankar.jpg (15602 bytes)
Colonial Cousins
Me with Shankar
meandshankarandsiddharth.jpg (19998 bytes)
Me with Shankar & Siddharth
medadandjaishree.jpg (45472 bytes)
Me, Dad & Jayshree
meingarden.jpg (45726 bytes)
Me in a garden
meonswing.jpg (35742 bytes)
Me on a swing
mom01.jpg (63545 bytes)
My Mom during her marriage
mom02.jpg (7859 bytes)
Mom in 2001 A.D
mom03.jpg (8037 bytes)
Mom in 1995
mom04.jpg (42422 bytes)
Mom performing Pooja
mom05.jpg (32594 bytes)
momanddad01.jpg (28260 bytes)
Mom & Dad 1
momanddad02.jpg (17650 bytes)
Mom & Dad 2
momanddad03.jpg (56992 bytes)
Mom & Dad 3
momanddad04.jpg (9349 bytes)
Mom & Dad 4
momanddad05.jpg (29410 bytes)
Mom & Dad 5
momanddad06.jpg (6929 bytes)
Mom & Dad 6
momandgrandfather.jpg (7785 bytes)
Mom with her father
momdadandnaga.jpg (6964 bytes)
Mom & Dad with Naga 
momwithherbestfriend.jpg (39097 bytes)
Mom with her best friend Shanta
mothermary.jpg (52863 bytes)
Mother Mary
munji01.jpg (54644 bytes)
Thread Cermony 1
munji02.jpg (59790 bytes)
Thread ceremony 2
munji03.jpg (46762 bytes)
Thread ceremony 3
munji04.jpg (57922 bytes)
Thread ceremony 4
munji05.jpg (52390 bytes)
Thread ceremony 5
withraju.jpg (27321 bytes)
Me with Raju, Usha and Maami
picnic.jpg (61257 bytes)
Family pic during a picnic
silverjubilee.jpg (76231 bytes)
My mom and dad celebrating their 25th Marriage Anniversary
v3pic01.jpg (39955 bytes)
Me, Mom and Dad 1
v3pic02.jpg (48039 bytes)
Me, Mom and Dad 2
v3pic03.jpg (49214 bytes)
Me, Mom and Dad 3
v3pic04.jpg (20296 bytes)
Me, Mom and Dad 4
v3pic05.jpg (19567 bytes)
Me, Mom and Dad 5
v3pic06.jpg (48181 bytes)
Me, Mom and Dad 6
withbothgrandfathers.jpg (53267 bytes)
Me with both grandfathers
withdodappa.jpg (48128 bytes)
Me, Dad, Doddappa, Shashi and Ramesh
youngmom.jpg (22415 bytes)
My mom with her friends
me03a.jpg (9991 bytes)
Infant Adarsh
.....& Many More to come


invitationcard01.jpg (80935 bytes)
My mom & Dad's Marriage Invitation card from my Mom's side

invitationcard02.jpg (61996 bytes)
Acknowledgement card for attending marriage

invitationcard03.jpg (251440 bytes)
Mom & Dad's Marriage Invitation Card 2 in English & Kannada

kannadacard.jpg (122147 bytes)
Mom & Dad's Marriage Invitation Card 3 in Kannada from my Dad's side

marriagecard.jpg (155572 bytes)
Mom & Dad's Marriage Invitation Card 4 for selected special guests

munjicard.jpg (80481 bytes)
My Thread ceremony Invitation card