Credits !!!

This page is normally written by people who copy contents from other people's web pages. Contents include text, graphics, animations, scripts, codes, music, movie clips, ideas etc. The best way to  avoid a legal problem is to copy and disclaim. Make a very attractive homepage using high end graphics freely available on the net and just write two humble lines in the disclaimer page something like this.
" I do not claim to have authored everything on my homepage, a few credits goes to people whose work is used by me."

Its unlikely that anyone would be reading the disclaimer page. So, most people visiting the homepage believe that its the original work from the author. Moreover, even if somebody has unlawfully copied some contents, the original author has no time to file a lawsuit against him, so copyright becomes the right to copy.

However there is nothing in any of my pages, which I have copied from anywhere. All work done are authentic and done by me. I do not have any objections if anyone uses any content from any of my web pages. 

I have included this disclaimer because of the some links which are provided by me to other web pages. The contents on the links are not my own but others. I have given credits to everybody whose pages are linked to my own in any of the frames or otherwise. See credit page for details. In  case of any legal dispute arising on the matter of copyright or usage of any content on any of my web pages would be subject to the jurisdiction of Mumbai High Court only.

Aloha !!    Thanks Once Again for visiting my Homepage !!!