My Friends

I have 'n' number of friends, where 'n' is a natural number and day by day n tends towards infinity. I cannot provide a comprehensive list of all my friends but I can certainly name more than 250 of them.

We live in a busy world. Life is fast and changing. There is so much of work pressure that we hardly get time to think about friends. So we loose contact with many friends. They are still our friends, but we have lost contact. Once in a while we remember them, but then either their telephones don't work because the number has changed or they have moved to US and we don't have their e-mail address. On most occasions we don't have any great news to give to our friends, just a simple Hi !! is all we want to say. In that case, the best way is to forward e-mails. On an average I get 4-5 forwarded e-mails daily. I filter out nice ones and later send them to all my friends with e-mail valid address.

We meet so many people daily. But all are not friends. They are just associates or colleagues. A friend is special. Also while chatting on the internet we happen to meet so many people. We don't even know their real identity. They just can't be friends. My specialty is that I make friendship only with extra-ordinary people. Needless to say that all my friends are exceptionally good in their respective fields. They aren't just Tom, Dick & Harries. They are the people in whom I find nice qualities. I find them worth befriending. They are just great !!!

We have a large number of friends when we are in school and college. As we lead towards a professional life the number of friends reduce drastically (rather exponentially) and old friends are not in contact anymore. But, I have a great memory and I remember all my friends. But I seriously doubt whether some of them still remember me.

My School/College Friends

CDAC Friends

Other Friends

Rajendra Lakhani 
Santosh Desai 
Rahul Sharma
Pradyumna V. 
Shrikrushna Thakur 
Poonam Podar 
Aashish Chopra 
Taposh Duttaroy
Sajeet Pavate
Vishal Bindroo
Prakhar Shrivastav
Tushar Agrawal 
Mehul Sampat
Ashish Tailor
Sushil Patil
Sachin Patil
Rogin Thomas
Anand Bhoir
Deepak Raut
Krishnan Iyer 
Ranganathan Iyer 
Praveen Kocherry
Aditya Padman
Pervez Khan
Rajen C. Patel
Bijoy Kuruvilla
Zoher Nagree
Vishwakarma Anand
Khurshid Ali
Anand Shah
Sahadev Chotalia
Jayant Vasant
Rajiv Avinash
Amit Das
......................To be continued
Ajay Bhosle 
Akhilesh Mehta
Ajit Kulkarni 
Ajit Gavade 
Jayant Patil
Abhay Papat
Pramod Savanur 
Mahaveer Maheshwari 
Kapil Goyal 
Rajesh Gupta
Nilesh Rane 
Nikhil Trivedi 
Prashant D'Souza
Mihir Maniar
Jayesh Bhatia 
Gaurav Miglani 
Satish Goriani 
Hemank Shukla 
Hemant Shah
Amol Haval
Amol Waghmare 
Amrit Kumar B.
Deepak Balachandran 
Deepak Shetty 
Monu Gupta
Paras Morabia
Anand Chavan
Sai Sudarshan 
................ To be continued
Lima Roy
Meenakshi Bharadwaj
Pawan Shah
Rahul Shetty
Vikas Garg
Vishal Garg
Neville Colah
Freddy Vatcha
Hoshang Karkaria
Parag Maru
Rajesh Rao
Sanket Rao
Yatin Wadile
Vivek Arora
Sameer Desai
Arif Khan
John Vadakoot
Sanjay Ghia
Satyam Chandiramani
Manuel Nathan
Hasmukh Jadhav
Suren Yadav
Somashekar H.S
Girish Hebbur
Shankar Madi
Ravi Raghavendra Rao
................ To be continued