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Me with Amitabh Bachchan


My First Birthday Pic


My Dad pic 1

My Dad pic 2

My Dad pic 3

My Dad at 25

My Dad pic 4

My Dad pic 5

My Daddy during his college days

My Dad pic 6

My Dad with his Dad & his Uncle

 Thread Ceremony Group Photo

Dad & Mom with Dadís Sisters & Brothers-in-laws

My Dad in a Park

My Dad flirting with his Girlfriend

My Grandfather

My Grandfather & Granny

My Grandfather with his beloved Brothers

My Granny

Granny with Prasad

My mom's parents

Dadís marriage group photo

My dad's marriage pic 1

My dad's marriage pic 2

Myself as a kid 1a

Myself as a kid 1b

Myself as a kid 2 a

Myself as a kid 2 b

Myself as a kid 3

Myself as a kid 4

Myself as a kid 5

Myself as a kid 6

Myself as a kid 7

Myself as a kid 8

Myself as a kid 9

Myself as a kid 10

Myself as a kid 11

Myself as a kid 12

Myself as a kid 13
Me on cycle

Me with Dad

Myself on a horse

Me with Mom 1

Me with Mom 2

Me with Mom 3

Me with Mom 4

Colonial Cousins, Me with Shankar

Me with Shankar & Siddharth

Me, Dad & Jayshree

Me in a garden

Me on a swing

My Mom during her marriage

Mom in 2001 A.D

Mom in 1995

Mom performing Pooja


Mom & Dad 1

Mom & Dad 2

Mom & Dad 3

Mom & Dad 4

Mom & Dad 5

Mom & Dad 6

Mom with her father

Mom & Dad with Naga 

Mom with her best friend Shanta

Mother Mary

Thread Cermony 1

Thread ceremony 2

Thread ceremony 3

Thread ceremony 4

Thread ceremony 5

Me with Raju, Usha and Maami
Family pic during a picnic

My mom and dad celebrating their 25th Marriage Anniversary

Me, Mom and Dad 1

Me, Mom and Dad 2

Me, Mom and Dad 3

Me, Mom and Dad 4

Me, Mom and Dad 5

Me, Mom and Dad 6

Me with both grandfathers

Me, Dad, Doddappa, Shashi and Ramesh

My mom with her friends


My mom & Dad's Marriage Invitation card from my Mom's side

Acknowledgement card for attending marriage

Dad's Marriage Invitation Card 2 in English & Kannada

Mom & Dad's Marriage Invitation Card 3 in Kannada from my Dad's side

Dad's Marriage Invitation Card 4 for selected special guests

My Thread ceremony Invitation card